What is Best Place to Repair Your Phone in Los Angeles ?

If you are on this page then you are already looking for phone repair in Los Angeles. Rocket Fix is a mobile phone service centre. Experienced microelectronics and programmers are happy to offer visitors the service of repairing a mobile phone. At Rocket Fix, we live for technology. We work carefully to make sure every customer has a working device when they leave our shop. The mobile phone is very important to connect with our family, friends, employees, social media and entertainment options.  If your phone is out of order, the surest way to solve the problem quickly is to contact RocketFix.com service. RocketFix is mobile phone repair call-out center in Los Angeles. We are ready to repair your phone at a time and place that is convenient for you. Whether it is an office, your home – we will fix your device in a little measure of time.


We love what we do and have a big experience in repairing all types of troubles on your mobile device. In the last year alone we got thousands of call out jobs and emails coming through our site.The experience we have helps us to do our craft with love and we are able to fix any problem. However, the most common repair we make here at RocketFix are the followings:


The Broken Screen.

Most smartphones have touchscreen. There are exceptions, but they are few. When falling in most cases, the glass breaks and you need to replace it. Sometimes display may also broke. Replacement of such parts of mobile phone requires professional approach and professionalism, because the incorrectly installed part will not work correctly, or the use of the device will become uncomfortable. Also, there are many kinds of touch panels and screens – (touchscreen and display are not connected), glued (the sensor is glued with special glue to the display) and built-in (the sensor is built into the display).

How do we solve it ?

In the first case, the replacement takes less time and we fix it in the shortest time. The second case, when the glass is glued to the display, is also not difficult, but you need to understand that you can not separate these parts. They glue it with special transparent glue in factory dust-free conditions, and if these parts they divide and glued again, dust or dirt may fall under them, or they will not work properly. In the latter case, the replacement is more complicated, since the part will thin. In any case, an experienced engineer will always perform a quality replacement, and the smartphone will work like a new again.


Water, dirt or other objects entering the smartphone.

Quite often smartphones get wet, especially in summer and winter time. Sometimes you accidentally leave your phone in your pants while doing laundry or you just spill a drink on it, water damage may put an end to your phone. If moisture gets into the smartphone, you should immediately remove the battery (battery), and if it is not possible to do that simply turn off the device. The second thing to do is to take it to the service centre for cleaning. Do not try to dry or clean the device yourself – without special solutions and washings, you will not succeed. High-quality cleaning of the smartphone from moisture can save you money, time and nerves.

Cleaning from dirt is important to prolong the life of the device. It good to do cleanings at least once every six months. If your speaker does not work well, the microphone or the buttons stick, that just may mean your device needs to cleanings.

Visit us to find out which are the most seen phone repairs.



Replacing small parts. Speakers, microphones, etc.

Repair of this type is often required after falling or dropping the smartphone. The complexity and time we spend on repairs are different – but we fix the problem in short time here at Rocket Fix.


If you have a problem that we didn’t mention in the article, don’t hesitate to call us and ask the information. No matter what problem you’re experiencing, we can handle it.

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