Easy way to fix your broken iPhone , iPad in Los Angeles

The mobile phone is the most important tool to connect with our family, friends, employes, social media and entertainment options. According to statistics, within one year, almost 30 percent will suffer accidental iPhone damages. Although this certainly improves our business performing RocketFix in Los Angeles, this number concerns us. We feel certain that the numbers are much larger for individuals who have accidents with their iPhones…

If your phone is out of order or improperly working, the surest way to fix your broken iPhone quickly and qualitatively is to contact RocketFix service. RocketFix is mobile phone repair, Same Day iPhone iPad Screen Repair Service center in Los Angeles. We have technicians ready to repair your iPhone or IPad at a time and place that is convenient for you. Whether it is an office, your home, or even a local cafe – we will fix your broken iPhone or IPad in front of you.

                              Oh, dropped.

The most frequent, most unpleasant and most “expensive” type of damage to iPhone is broken glass. For older models, the replacement of the display was not an expensive procedure. Now the models of the last generations will seriously devastate your pocket.

The replacement procedure takes a little more than half an hour.  The necessary components are already available in our service. We do not advise you to look for it and try to buy the cheaper. You will simply get a cheap and poor quality.

By the way, to avoid serious damage to your iPhone uses a protective glass or film, which in most cases will save your device from damage. They are several times cheaper than replacing the display module.



        Quickly discharging

 Even if you don’t drop your iPhone it will break sooner or later. Because the battery is not infinite: the resource of modern batteries is designed for about one and a half to two years of work, after which the cells begin to take under.

Most often, weakness is due to the regular use of low-quality, non-original charger, which slowly but surely “kills” the smartphone. Also, the iPhone in the car at night at minus temperature or forgetting it in the sun will seriously influence the work of the battery.

You can quickly understand that the battery is getting weak by the following signals:

  • the charge indicator shows incorrect data;
  • The battery unusually quickly discharges;
  • The device is switched until it is completely discharged;

Elimination of this problem takes 15 minutes of time in a verified service. You simply remove the back cover and gently replace the battery. But here there is a nuance. Look for a good service, which will give you a guarantee for a  battery.

Drowned the iPhone

 The moisture that gets into the iPhone can seriously damage it.

First and foremost advice on detecting such a problem: quickly turn off the iPhone and take it to the service center where the professionals will test all parts of your device to find out what is the problem.

The company makes free diagnostics and if you have something broken, you will also learn about it. The cost of repair depends heavily on the factors, but it is unlikely to be cheap.



By the way, what’s broken in the iPhone for you over the last year? Let’s collect your statistics in the comments section.

Here we prepared for you some  Statistics About Broken iPhone’s

iPhones are the leading smartphone in the world today. The number of users is increasing day-by-day for the iPhone. The amount of damages reported for the iPhone is also increasing. There a lot of reasons why the damages are happening. Some damages you can easily repair but in some cases, you need to replace the broken detail.

According to the latest statistical information, iPhone is more prone to damage! Over 3/4 of iPhones are busting in some manner, making Apple the smartphone brand with a LARGE number of broken devices.

The most reported damage for iPhones is screen damage.

If you are looking for an iPhone repair center in Las Angeles, Rocket Fix is the right place for it. RocketFix is iPhone Repair, Same Day iPhone iPad Screen Repair Service center in Las Angeles with high qualified Technicians RocketFix provides all essential restore services and make sure the finest effective performance of your Apple devices.

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