Signs Your Cell Phone Needs A Battery Replacement

Big screen size? Lots of downloadable apps? Tons of memory? Sure. Good battery life? Not so fast. One of the biggest pains for smartphone users these days is battery life. You can consider buying power bank but what if you’ve just charged your smartphone and still aren’t getting any of it? That could mean you need either a battery or phone replacement. There are several ways to determine if your phone needs a new battery.


The phone won’t turn on

This may be an obvious one. Check to see if it shows no sign of power – nothing lights up, no sound, nothing. If the phone shows no signs of life after charging with a reliable charger, it’s time to call it: your battery is dead. You should hope it is the only thing that is dead.

The Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In

If the battery is bad, it does not hold a charge to power the phone from its stored energy. However, if the phone functions properly, the phone may still power up when a source is connected. If the phone does not power up after it had time to charge thoroughly, it is more than likely time to get a new battery.

The Phone Dies Quickly

The phone may charge for the recommended amount of time, show a full charge, and then die long before those 10 hours advertised. Those advertised time typically is for average usage; if you’re a digital gamer, listen to Spotify or iTunes all day, surf the Web, expect your battery to drain faster than advertised. Either plug the phone in every possible place and use it while charging or consider buying a power bank. If none of the ways help the battery probably is bad and needs to be replaced

low battery

The Phone Starts to Feel Hot

Rechargeable batteries inevitably produce heat as they charge. However, most rechargeable batteries internalize the heat, thereby shielding it from becoming noticeably hot. If it starts to become hot to the touch,  new one!

The Battery Bulges

Sometimes, when batteries are gone bad, the internal cells rupture and cause a bulge in it. A bulge makes it able to spin when placing the battery on a flat surface.

battery bulge

So, is it worth to replace batteries? Maybe. If you have an old phone that’s not in the best condition, a dead battery may be a symptom of things to come if you hang onto the device. However, if the phone is in good condition and fits your needs, it may be useful to purchase a new one to get it up and running again.

As a last tip: Batteries are classified as hazardous waste. You shouldn’t simply throw them in the trash. Look for recycling centers or online sites when you can send old batteries for disposal.

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