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Touch Disease Repair:

Touch IC issue is one of the most common issues with iPhone 6 Plus. Hard impact or bent frame can cause an iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC disease.  Certified Rocketfix Technicians are able to make same day iPhone 6 Plus touch ic repair at your place.

iPhone 6 Plus Water Damage Repair

Have you dropped your iPhone 6 Plus in water? or spilled liquid on your iPhone 6 Plus and now it’s not working?  It’s always better to fix your water damaged iPhone 6 Plus instead of buying a new one. Our full equipped expert  Techs will come to you and will check and diagnose it properly. If it’s not that bad and can be fixed on the spot they will clean motherboard and will do same day  iPhone 6 water damage repair in your spot. If it needs more detailed repair like soldering we will pick up to our nearest warehouse and will do our best to return your phone fully functional in short time.